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401st tfw Store 1 Short-Sleeve Hybrid Performance Shirt - K23FjD

Size Chart

Short Sleeve Hybrid Performance Shirt Size Chart

Size Chart

Short Sleeve Hybrid Performance Shirt Size Chart


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Available exclusively from Emblem Athletic. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Product Description: Cool to the touch, this high-performance short-sleeve crew wicks away sweat and odor like a stank bandit—and puts your cotton "military grade" rags to shame. Note: Fabric has a slight sheen (which only reflects your good taste).

The design is inked directly into the fabric fibers for a soft-feel, never-peel look that's guaranteed to bring out your best—so you best get more than one.

Fit Test: Athletic fit. Unisex. Runs true to size.

About Us: Who the heck is Emblem Athletic?

Founded by a West Point grad, Emblem Athletic serves our nation's finest (and, let's face it, most attractive) with kickass custom high-performance apparel that can stand—and salute—the test of time. Every item you order today has been professionally designed, custom-dyed, and artfully sewn specifically for your unit—and every stitch is backed by our industry-shocking No Sweat 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Learn more at

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