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000 Basketball Jersey -

Size Chart

Men's Basketball Jersey Size Chart

Sizes Front Length (HSP) 1/2 Chest
YS 25 15
YM 25 16
YL 27 17.5
AXS 27.5 18
AS 28 19
AM 29 20.5
AL 30 21.75
AXL 31 22
A2XL 32 24
A3XL 33 25
  • Size chart is in inches
  • HSP = Highest shoulder point


Product: The Basketball Jersey; available exclusively from Emblem Athletic. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Description: Our Basketball Jersey put a premium on comfort and style.  It features 2-panel construction from our 4-way stretch spandex mesh on front and back for unsurpassed breath-ability and comfort.  The jerseys also feature sublimated ribbed openings for a stylish finish and great design options.  In addition the feature overlock stitching and double stitched hems. 

About Us: Who the heck is Emblem Athletic?

Founded by a West Point grad, Emblem Athletic serves our nation's finest (and, let's face it, most attractive) with kickass custom high-performance apparel that can stand—and salute—the test of time. Every item you order today has been professionally designed, custom-dyed, and artfully sewn specifically for your unit—and every stitch is backed by our industry-shocking No Sweat 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Learn more at

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