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Outlaws Football Pants - e6bJ5Y

Size Chart

Football Pants Size Chart

Sizes Outseam 1/2 Hip
YXS 16.75 12.25
YS 18.25 13.25
YM 19.75 14.25
YL 21 15
AXS 23.25 15.75
AS 24.5 17
AM 25.25 18.25
AL 26 19.75
AXL 27 21.5
A2XL 27.75 23
A3XL 28.5 24.5
A4XL 29.25 26
  • Size chart is in inches
  • 1/2 Hip = Hip to opposite hip


Product: Outlaws Football Pants; available exclusively from Emblem Athletic.

About Us: Emblem Athletic strengthens teams, athletes, and organizations through custom athletic apparel. We've provided sports uniforms to thousands of athletes across the country, including those on the US Olympic team. To learn more about our committment to improving youth sports, visit our homepage at

Description: Our premium Football Pants are fabricated from ultra-durable heavyweight spandex fabric.  It also features a slotted silicon anti-slip waistband, integrated belt, built-in thigh and knee pad pockets and fly-less design.

Delivery: All orders are sent to production immediately after the store close date. The gear will arrive approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the store is closed. For any other questions, please contact your Emblem Design Representative.