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TFSW 20.1 Store 1 Hoodie - hk98ww

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Available exclusively from Emblem Athletic. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Product Description: This must-have hoodie is the perfect combination of your unique design and our favorite four-way stretch fabric. Featuring an adjustable drawstring neck with reinforced laces, a spacious hand holster, and ribbed fabric cuffs, this hoodie offers superior comfort and range of motion, whether you're kicking ass and taking names or kicking tires and taking naps. In case you were wondering, nothing says "I love you" like the gift of a kickass hoodie. (Translation: Get two. It will keep them from stealing yours).

Manufacturing Time: Production cycles launch each Sunday. Because each item is custom, they are not in stock. The entire process takes 3-4 weeks from order until delivery.  Each item is manufactured on-demand through our HD print methods on performance fabric and then cut and sewn for each customer. To learn more about our printing methods, watch our behind the scenes production footage.

About Us: Emblem Athletic makes 100% hand-sewn, design-dyed performance gear for high-profile athletic teams, community MVPs, and our nation’s finest. Every piece of custom athletic apparel is backed by our industry-shocking No Sweat 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can fearlessly buy, wear, wash, and win. To learn more our company and our commitment to helping every team look great, visit us at

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