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True North Climbing Men's Track Singlet - vDHNHs

Size Chart

Men's Tank Size Chart

Sizes Front Length (HSP) 1/2 Chest
YS 21.75 16
YM 22.5 17
YL 23.75 18.25
AXS 25 19
AS 27.75 18.75
AM 28.5 20.25
AL 29.25 21.75
AXL 30 23.25
  • Size chart is in inches
  • HSP = Highest shoulder point


Product: True North Climbing Men's Track Singlet; available exclusively from Emblem Athletic.

About Us: Emblem Athletic strengthens teams, athletes, and organizations through custom athletic apparel. We've provided sports uniforms to thousands of athletes across the country, including those on the US Olympic team. To learn more about our committment to improving youth sports, visit our homepage at

Description: Our Track Singlets are manufactured from a combination of 4-way stretch spandex and 4-way stretch spandex mesh these singlets are both stylish and comfortable while still offering complete range of motion and enhanced ventilation.

Delivery: All orders are sent to production immediately after the store close date. The gear will arrive approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the store is closed. For any other questions, please contact your Emblem Design Representative.